By Our Reporter

April 30, 2018

Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb has been controversy’s favorite child and is rocking the National headlines whenever he gives speeches since the time he took oath as the 10th Chief Minister of Tripura. So, lets look into his comments which has triggered widespread criticism within the past 50 days of his swearing in ceremony.

“India is that country which during the time of Mahabharata, Sanjay was informing Dritharastra about the happening in the battle and this is proof that technology existed during the time of Mahabharata. This means satellite and Internet were present otherwise how could he see through Sanjay’s eyes? This proof is enough that these technologies were invented in India”.

“During ancient time each king used to have Pandits in their ‘Darbars’. Who was he? They were journalist, may be he was being called by some other name at that point of time . But these pandits work was to inform everything to the king and describe what is going on in the kingdom”.

“Indian women didn’t use cosmetics in the old times. Indians didn’t use shampoo, they washed their hair with methi water and bathed with mud. ”

“Beauty pageants organizers are international textile marketing mafia, who spotted a huge market in our country and they are trying to woo Indian women by making them these beauty pageants winners”.

“Aishwariya Rai was crowned Miss world (1994) and that is alright but Diana Hayden was also made Miss world (1997) which I don’t understand. She doesn’t represent Indian beauty”.

The Chief Minister also stated that mechanical engineers shouldn’t opt for civil services, but civil engineers should as if a civil engineer becomes IAS than he/she can help in other works of administration like building construction whereas it is not possible by a Mechanical Engineer.

He has also asked the educated youth to set up paan shops instead of running after political parties to get government jobs. He also asked youth to explore a career in the dairy field and keep cows.

Well, whatever may be the case, as long as the CM brings about a positive change in Tripura as signified in BJP’s pre-election slogan ‘Chalo Paltai’, controversies can always be welcomed!


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