April 14, 2017: History has always been a controversial academic discipline subject to manipulation and political use. Nothing illustrates this better than the government of India’s project of sponsoring a comprehensive multi-volume history of the freedom movement titled ‘Towards Freedom’. A group of professional historians with Marxist political affiliation had been entrusted with the responsibility and they sabotaged the onerous task for many years simply because the extremely shady role of the Marxists or Communists could not be brought to light, let alone highlighting their role. A number of volumes have seen the day of light but the work is not yet complete.

Despite their routine and periodic vitriol against Hitler’s alter ego Dr Joseph Goebbels for fake propaganda, the Marxists have been no less adept at misleading people with completely false and mischievous propaganda. The extremely dubious Marxist role like the betrayal of the historic ‘Quit India’ movement , betrayal of the nation during Chinese invasion of 1962 and many other such instances now remain carefully hidden in the Marxist closets.

The latest Marxist volte face is in the matter of Bangladesh liberation war of 1971. It is well recorded history that the Communists of the CPI (M) variety had opposed the Bangladesh’s liberation war from Pakistan by a conspiracy of silence . Even though they could not afford to be very vocal in their opposition in the face of influx of more than 1 crore of refugees , the CPI (M) leaders had coined a slogan to run down the historic struggle for freedom of Bangladesh. ‘Indira-Yahya ek hai’ was the slogan raised and marketed by the CPI (M) cadres. Even as the government of India headed by prime minister Indira Gandhi struggled frantically to keep up the refugees as well as to contribute to the liberation war of Bangladesh, the CPI (M) cadres busied themselves in imprinting the anti-Indira graffitis on walls across West Bengal. A large number of pictures portraying Indira Gandhi as a witch also appeared on walls of Agartala. Even post-liberation , the CPI (M) kept a studied silence considering the Awami League as a counterpart of their then enemy Congress in India. But a change was stealthily effected in policy in the interest of CPI (M) in West Bengal and Tripura.

Naturally, the spectacle of CPI (M) in Tripura celebrating the formation of the free government of Bangladesh in Agartala on April 10 1971 evoked curiosity. How could a party that opposed the liberation war of Bangladesh celebrated the formation of free Bangladesh government in exile is a million dollar question that will perhaps never be answered. But a stranger thing happened earlier when the chief minister Manik Sarkar was honoured with an award in recognition of his so-called contribution to Bangladesh war. In 1971 Manik Sarkar was still a college student, though in the last phase , but he could nothing because of his leading role in SFI, student friend of CPI (M). But the farce goes on with artists, businessmen and liberation heroes of Bangladesh visiting Tripura at regular intervals and CPI (M) accepting them. History is always composed by the powers that be and it is crystal clear as to why the name of former chief minister of Tripura Sachindra  Lal Singha’s name does not figure as a man who contributed richly to the liberation of Bangladesh. Apart from this role in 1971, Sachindra Lal Singha had been a close friend of ‘Bangabandhu’ Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman whom he had hosted at Agartala several years before the actual liberation war commenced. This is probably the enigma of history which the Marxists abuse and manipulate in partisan interest for current political gains.

-By Tapas Dey

DISCLAIMER: The opinion expressed in the article are the writer’s own and Tripura Daily may/may not subscribe to the same views


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