AGARTALA | NOV 6, 2019:

Royal Scion of Tripura and former president of TPCC has asked the state government to consider settling the displaced Bru people in the State instead of sending them back to “uncertainty” in Mizoram.

The royal scion said that the Brus were refugees being in their own land and did not deserve the condition which they are in now. Some 35,000 Bru refugees are scattered across six relief camps in Tripura’s Kanchanpur subdivision adjoining Mizoram.

He said, “If the Tripura government can consider giving 2,700 acres of land for the Border Security Force’s firing range, why can’t it do the same for the Brus, many of whom were displaced by the Dumbur dam project (in Tripura). If you can accept lakhs and lakhs of people from another country, why can’t you accept the Bru people who have become refugees in their own land”.

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Debbarma is in Kanchanpur today to visit the Brus following reports being denied to them which had reportedly led to the death of six people including infants.

The royal scion also informed that he will file a writ petition in the Tripura High Court on the denial of rations to the Bru/Reang people.

Expressing sadness over the apathy of the government, both at the centre and the state, Debbarma questioned the logic behind allowing lakhs of people coming from Bangladesh under CAB when we cannot even provide the basic rights to the indigenous people.of the country.


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