We Will Not Let Modi Come Back To Power: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi said that the promise of “achhe din” will work against the Modi government

Agartala | March 14, 2018

With the former UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi taking an initiative to bring together opposition parties to fight the BJP menace in the upcoming loksabha polls of 2019 , it is now more or less clear that Congress as well as other non-BJP parties will come on a single platform to fight the misrule, vendetta politics and attempts of BJP to rewrite Indian history in its own image . The dinner party thrown by Gandhi was well attended and it was a good beginning for an opposition alliance to put up a fight for the loksabha polls to save India from looming disaster. Many distortions and perfidies have intruded into the national discourse on politics ever since the BJP under Modi came to power in 2014 and it is high time an initiative was taken to offer an alternative to the people.

What strikes people most is that national discourse on politics has stooped to a new low under the BJP dispensation and because of their patronage . Many national leaders including great freedom fighters of yore are being daily abused , striking at the very root of the concept of common decencies. This attempt at vilification is clearly designed to rewrite history and reshape politics. The prime minister Narendra Modi never takes opposition parties and media into confidence but directly addresses meetings and gives vent to his feelings in so-called ‘Maan ki Baat’, his monthly monologues broadcast over radio. More over the parliamentary majority enjoyed by the BJP is being used to bulldoze opposition and stifle principled dissent which are quite alien to democratic ethos.

What has become a matter of major concern is that the erstwhile UPA government had brought in and passed RTI act-2005 to usher in an era of transparency in the matter of governance. The people and media have benefited from this but the Modi led government has already sent the RTI act to cold storage as people seeking innocuous information are routinely denied access to information even as RTI activists continue to be killed in different parts of the country. Needless to say, this is happening under the direct patronage of Modi-led centre and BJP-run state governments the most. A similar thing is likely to occur in Tripura, a leftist citadel , which has fallen to BJP recently . But it is more or less certain that the ruling BJP, already rent by dissensions, will never be able to fulfill the recklessly populist promises made by it to hoodwink people in the run-up to the polls and will soon start losing popularity. The Congress in Tripura stands to gain from it because the left here is so thoroughly discredited that people are unlikely to repose their trust again in the left.

No amount of vilification has been able to dent the Congress’s popularity and acceptability , not even the propaganda against Rahul’s visits abroad. He had gone abroad to meet his octogenarian grand mother but he had completed his campaigning before leaving Indian shores. So this is a non-issue. In Tripura also Congress is trying to shake off the post-election blues and begin afresh through agitational programmes . Our thousands of party workers and supporters including the vast majority of minorities are preparing to launch agitation against the new government whenever it falters and fails to honour promises which they will never be able to fulfill.

The loksabha election is drawing near and Gandhi’s intervention has come at the right time .It is a great morale-booster for our workers , specially her pronouncement that some day any competent leader or man from outside will take over as Congress president. The people in Tripura , specially the Congressmen feel convinced that they have an important role to play in acting upon the guidance shown by Madam Gandhi. In 2004 the BJP leadership had thought that their ‘India shining ‘ rhetoric will win them the loksabha polls but they exited the scene and this time Modi’s ‘Achhe Din’ will hit the last nail on BJP’s coffin . Tripura, along with the rest of the country , is eagerly awaiting this.

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