From Our Correspondent, Tripura Daily News | Agartala, March 24, 2018: 

In an effort to ensure accountability in central universities, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has issued an order to initiate a high level enquiry committee on allegations of fund misappropriation against Tripura University Vice Chancellor Anjan Kumar Ghosh.

Vice Chancellor Ghosh finished his tenure in February this year. However, he is managing affairs of the institution till the selection committee finalizes on choice of the new VC. Meanwhile, a ‘visitorial enquiry’ was ordered on Vice Chancellor Ghosh.

Speaking to this correspondent, Dr. Salim Shah, a faculty member of the University, said he welcomed the probe panel and hoped truth would be unearthed.

However, Vice Chancellor Ghosh denied any knowledge of probe ordered against him and told reporters that a section of university teachers complained against him at MHRD since they were dissatisfied with him for refusing to invite experts desired by them for faculty promotion.

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“All allegations are completely false. The Registrar has already given a detailed response to the Ministry”, he told reporters on the charges leveled against him by university teachers. “Some faculty members are unhappy because I denied inviting experts whom they desired on their faculty promotion”, he claimed.

On his allegation, a senior university teacher said none of faculty members who rebelled against the VC have applied for promotion. “We do not want promotion from this corrupt VC”, the faculty member said.

Meanwhile, former Vice Chancellor of Tripura University Professor Arunoday Saha said that “ultimately, truth will prevail”.

Vice Chancellor Ghosh was accused procuring e-books worth Rs. 10 crore without due procedure and tender. The VC allegedly skipped obtaining requisition from departments which needed them. Over 150 teachers of Tripura University held a series of protest movements from January, 2016 till November last year demanding enquiry into the institution’s financial affairs. They accused Vice Chancellor Ghosh of initiating recruitment process in several varsity departments violating all rules and norms of the University Grants Commission (UGC).



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