AGARTALA | April 08, 2019:

Just hours after members of the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) including vice president Ananta Debbarma resigned from the party to join the Congress, the general secretary of the IPFT youth wing and Chairman of Small Industries, Shukla Charan Noatia today joined the Grand Old Party today evening.

The youth president along with nine other youth leaders of the IPFT joined the Congress party under the leadership of Pradyot Kishore Manikya at the Ujjayanta Palace.

Speaking to media persons, Chairman of small industries, Shukla Charan Noatia said “There is a pre-plan between IPFT and BJP for the upcoming general elections which was the reason why my nomination paper was rejected so that BJP can fight with an easy candidate.”

Noatia observed that the IPFT, which is a partner in the BJP led coalition government in the state, is being run by a few leaders “and there is no value for opinion of other leaders like us. A political party cannot be run like this”, he remarked.

Meanwhile, state PCC president, Pradyot Kishore Debbarma said, Twipraland is a constitutional demand which anyone can demand.

“But what Minister Mevar Kumar Jamatia has said about CAB that we are in majority and need not worry is absurd. I need ask him that if that is the case then why are states like Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh where Indigenous people are in majority protesting?” questioned the TPCC president.

Furthermore, he said that it seem the IPFT is being controlled by the BJP. “why is an IPFT leader getting calls from state BJP President, state Ministers, BJP leaders from Delhi; it is the job of IPFT President NC Debbarma to direct his members; unless NC Debbarma has given the power of attorney to BJP”, observed Pradyot Debbarma.

He said that Shukla has joined the party today on principle. “It is not an unconditional support. He has left his post and joined Congress party” said PCC President.

“On the issue of Twipraland, Congress party’s stand is clear that under article 244A we will look into all the provisions. I have also declared that I”ll contest in the next TTADC elections along with all other leaders. There were lots of people who were against Telangana but until and unless anyone’s idea is not against India and Indian constitution, the congress party is ready to welcome them”. Said the Royal Scion.

Refering to the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, Debbarma said that if CAB is passed then demanding for a separate country will make no difference. “Our first fight is to stop CAB then other things will follow up” said PCC President.


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