By JUPITER DEBBARMA | October 23, 2018

If you are an adventurer or a travel freak and wish to partake in an adventure trip but at affordable prices then Chobimura is just the place for you!

Located in Amarpur, Tripura which is only 82 km from Agartala airport (Capital of Tripura), one can reach here via local buses, cars or any other convenient means of transportation. Further, you will need to travel 12 km from Amarpur to reach the destination.

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For accommodation and food, one can stay at Sagartika Parjatan Niwas, Amarpur and Chabimura Cottages.

Chobimura is mainly comprised of jungles and water as Gomati River, one of the largest rivers in Tripura flows through it. Hence this is a preferred destination spot for trekkers.

But, if you want to take a tour of the entire Chabimura then it is advised to seek assistance of local boats which is easily available and run by the local indegenous tribes in the (Jamatia) village.

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Communication is also not a barrier as local guides are readily available for assistance.

Chabimura is mainly famous for its rock carving on steep mountain walls. There are huge images carved of Hindu Gods and Goddesses sich as Shiva, Vishnu, Mahisasurmardini Durga and many others.

That is why this place is also called “Devatamura” or the “Hillock of the Gods”.

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These carvings on the rock walls date back to the 15 century, thus giving you a sneak peek into the rich Tripuri Culture. The local Jamatia indieneous people worship these carve as Chakras Ma.

However, it is still a mystery as to why such exquisite carvings were carried out in such a remote location.

There is also a deep waterlogged cave nearby which is still virgin and left to be explored. The indegenous Jamatia people that there is a massive snake inside the cave guarding a large bounty of ancient tressure!

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Mysteries like these and many more await you at Chabimura. Are you willing to explore the unexplored?

The writer hails from Khowai district of Tripura and can be reached at


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