By Our Reporter | October 28, 2018

At least 20 CPI(M) supporters were severely injured in yet another incident of political violence. The incident took place on Saturday during a protest rally in Belonia where BJP activists allegedly threw stones targeting CPI(M) backed ‘Jan Adhikar Mancha’ rally.

The rally was called to press for probe into the Rafale deal by a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) and immediate resignation of Defense Minister Nirmala Sitaraman.
CPI(M) leaders who have been attacked on Saturday’s rally include former MLA Basudeb Majumder, TTAADC Executive Member Parikshit Murasingh and Tapas Dutta.
” The number of attackers were double than the Udaipur attack of July 24th which was of a similar manner. These kind of attacks are similar across the state on opposition party activists. People will give them answer at the right time”, said MLA Badal Choudhury.
Meanwhile BJP has denied the allegations of CPI(M).
” This is not the culture of BJP to attack political opponents. Our party has nothing to do if some local people attacked them”, said BJP Spokesperson, Ashok Sinha.
CPI(M) has lodged a complaint with police against identified 14 BJP activists but none of them have been arrested yet.


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