Agartala | March 21, 2018

36 barrels of Petrol has been recovered yesterday by the police from a ration shops storeroom at Dharmanagar.


 There has been a lot of complaints against such kind of illegal petrol business happening across the state and Dharmanagar is the epicentre  of it as all the petrol tankers which come from Assam has to cross Dharmanagar before entering other places in the state. Hence this place served as a boon for the petrol mafias to hoard petrol in huge quantities and later sell them at higher prices.
“We have done the raid on a basis of a secret information and there will be further investigation in this matter”, said the police while speaking to the media house on this matter. It may be recalled that the Tripura police are undertaking regular raids to curb the social menace and anti-social activities.
Featured image courtesy: Pixabay


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