AGARTALA, April 17, 2018: In yet another incident, a 52-year-old man was found dead at Udaipur Congress Bhavan yesterday.

The man has been identified as Imam Hussain Mia who was engaged in the electrical maintenance work of the Congress Bhavan for years.


The body of the decease was found lying on the floor in the Congress Bhavan yesterday morning, locals immediately called the ambulance and took him to Gomati District Hospital where doctors had declared him dead.
It is suspected that Imam who was repairing a table fan might have been electrocuted.
Supporting his family, Imam worked as an electrician and sometimes would sell bamboos to earn his family livelihood.
Following the incident, Minister Pranajit Singha Roy and MLA from Udaipur area rushed to the hospital and inquired about the incident. Other Congress activists and leaders also went to the hospital to pay their last respect to Imam Hussain Mia.
Tripura Daily
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