AGARTALA, March 24, 2018: CPI(M) state secretary Bijan Dhar while addressing the press on Thursday at CPI(M) headquarters in Melarmath after the State Committee meeting said ” Various sub-divisional committee have submitted reports of BJP- IPFT led attacks across the state. The report says that a fascist ideology is ruling the state. Except few party offices of CPI(M) all of them were attacked, looted, all our trade unions were set on fire. Moreover there have been false charges on our party leaders and cadres.”

“Money extortion by the ruling parties cadres after the elections is around 50 lakh. Media personnel are attacked, hawkers have been forcefully stopped from selling CPI(M) ‘s newspaper Daily Deshar Katha” added Mr. Dhar.

“The family members of our of party leaders and activists are also not safe, there has been attacks on them as well. Many of our activists are admitted at G.B. Hospital. Hundreds of youth are left homeless, some of them were compelled to leave the state. At rural areas CPI(M) workers are forced to resign, there are pressure on our Councillors as well to join BJP. Yesterday, Udaipur Municipal Corporation chairman was also attacked.” Said Bijan Dhar.

“There is total anarchy across the state. We have condemned such incidents led by IPFT-BJP. What is the result of ‘ Chalo Paltai’ is clearly visible now”, Said Mr Dhar.

Featured image (courtesy): ProMASS


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