Feb 11, 2019

A day after Tripura was rocked by a video showing BJP minister Manoj Kanti Deb inappropriately touching the sole lady cabinet minister Santana Chakma, the BJP minister has come out to clarify the situation.

Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today about the allegations of harassment and the content of the video, Manoj said, ” These are all false propaganda being propagated against me. As in the video footage anyone can clearly see that she (Santana Chakma) came in front of me while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was inaugurating the function. By mistake I might have touched her but I had no wrong intentions, I was only trying to move her away as she came in front of me”.

The incident has however sparked anger from all sections of society with people demanding action against the BJP minister for his inappropriate conduct.

“This incident has created a lot of anger and anguish among the people of the state. We demand that the Chief Minister must immediately sack this Minister or the Minister must resign on his own”, said Bijan Dhar, Central Committee member, CPI(M).

TPCC chief Birajit Sinha also expressed anger over the incident while questioning the safety of women in state. He said, ” If someone can touch a lady Minister inappropriately in front of the PM then we can only imagine how safe are our women in the state”.


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