By Our Reporter | TNT News | June 20, 2018

The second day of Assembly session today saw chaos and verbal tussle between the ruling BJP  and the opposition CPI(M) MLA’s which ended up in walking out of the opposition MLAs in between the Assembly session after accusing BJP MLA’s of personally attacking Ex-Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Manik Sarkar.

It all started when BJP MLA Biswabandhu Sen accused CPI(M) MLAs of not respecting the National anthem when it was being played in the Assembly on which Deputy Leader of Opposition Badal Choudhury raised question to the Speaker of House ” How can he (Biswabandhu Sen) say like this? Are you going to allow this? What does he know?We are democratically elected members of a National party. Doesn’t they (BJP) know that?”


Meanwhile BJP MLA Atul Debbarma raised question to the speaker by showing a telephone directory published by the government of Tripura on which except the contact number of the Ex-Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Manik Sarkar everyone’s contact number was available. On this, he said, ” Why the Leader of Opposition has not uploaded his contact details like every other member of the house which is an important thing to do”.

Meanwhile Health Minister Sudip Roy Barman fueled his comments by further stating that “Not only contact number but Manik Sarkar has not even uploaded his mother’s and father’s name in his MLA profile. We are asking these questions as we want to know about him more”.

Reacting over it, Deputy Leader of Opposition Badal Choudhury immediately raised questions that ” How can a member of the Assembly can make a personally attack on anybody on the floor of the house in the presence of the speaker and you (Speaker) are allowing this to happen?”. And then Badal Choudhury along with other elected members of CPI(M) walked out of the assembly in protest.

BJP had also raised question on the absence of leader of opposition and ex-CM Manik Sarkar from today’s Assembly session to which CPI(M) clarified that Manik Sarkar was in Panisagar to meet the family members of CPI(M) leader who was murdered on 18th June midnight.


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