TNT News | February 04, 2019

On February 4, a news report about over 400 Chakmas from Arunachal Pradesh reportedly taking shelter in Tripura went viral on social media with various reputed media houses carrying it in paper as well as online.

With regards to the news item, the Tripura Chakma Students’ Association (TCSA) have come out with a clarification deeming the report as fake.

In a press meet held on February 04, they said, ” A rumor and fake news is being published in many online and daily news papers since 1st February 2019, prominently crediting the source from UNI. The news is that “Valuable trees like teak and other forest trees etc. are being cut and jungle is being cleared in the area of Lalcherra which is situated at Santipur Village, in Kanchanpur sub division in Tripura. It was alleged that 400 Chakma families from Arunachal Pradesh and neighboring Bangladesh have taken shelter in Tripura. It was also alleged that government employees such as, an engineer, two Tahshilder and one Revenue Inspector are involved.”

They also raised concern over the fact that in the wake of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) controversy, this kind of ‘Fake News’ has a potential to create law and order problem, thereby creating rift among many peaceful communities living in Tripura.

TCSA also clarified that the alleged encroached forest area near Santipur Village is actually owned by one Dangu Subhankar Chakma and 19 other Patta Pass holders hailing from Kanchanpur Town and they were clearing the jungle area for Agri Plantation purpose. Dangu Dayal Chakma from Santipur village along with some other villagers went to the mentioned site and threatened and prevented the owners from clearing the area. Dangu Dayal Chakma and Santipur Villagers claim that the area is a Village Forest Land.

After that the land owners lead by Dangu Subhankar Chakma filed an FIR on 29th January 2019 for necessary protection. The area SDM personally went for spot verification on 1st January 2019. Thereafter the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Kanachanpur called both parties on 2nd February 2019 in the presence of DFO and asked the respective parties to bring their documents as per their claim. At the meeting the land owners lead by Dangu Dayal Chakma could not produce the required supporting documents.

Dangu and his team after failing to produce any documents as per their claim went on to allege that the owners were clearing the jungle area for accommodating Chakma Families from Arunachal Pradesh. After failing to assuage the warring parties, the SDM set up an Enquiry Committee comprising both Forest Dept. and Revenue Department. The Enquiry Team was told to submit the Report within 10 days, i.e. by 12th Feb 2019.

Therefore a land dispute of private individuals has been turned into a Fake National News filled with lies which has a deadly potential to create communal disharmony.

TCSA asserted that it is very likely that Dangu Subhankar Chakma and team along with some news reporters planted this ‘Fake News’to put pressure on the govt. establishment in their favour, taking advantage of CAB issue.

TCSA has condemned the concerned persons, news agencies and news dailies who published the Fake News without verification and ascertaining facts.

It is also worth mentioning here that there are already established Agri Gardens, Fish Ponds, Fishery Bandh etc. in the mentioned forest area and that Govt. has started formation cutting for Road construction to connect the mentioned area for the benefit of Patta Holders and Farmers.


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