January 04, 2018

Expressing his concerns for developing the police force in Tripura as one of the best in the country, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb who also holds the Home portfolio said that he plans to develop Tripura police as the best and smartest police force in the country.

Inaugurating the Police week in Tripura’s Arundhatinagar, the CM in his inaugural address, the chief minister advised police to build ‘sweet’ (modhur) relation with the public. He also said efforts were being taken through ‘Prayash’ – Tripura Police’s year-long programme for better police-public relations.

Deb said since his government assumed office, a change in mindset has come about and police personnel are now recovering cannabis, brown sugar and other contraband items every other day in some part of Tripura.

“I want to thank Tripura Police for getting the hardest work done – build a drug-free Tripura. We want smart police. Tripura Police should become the smartest and best police force in the country. Tripura State Rifles (TSR), which is under the state police, has combated insurgency with strength in the past. We wanted to give them a similar direction. So, we changed their uniform”, Deb said.

Deb, who also holds the Home portfolio, issued an order to change uniform of TSR – the state’s own counter-insurgency force, earlier in 2018. He now claims the new uniform has succeeded to evoke respect for the force among public.

“I used to get requests of deploying CRPF during crisis. Now, people tell me that CRPF has managed law and order situation with efficiency but upon enquiring with the DGP, I came to know it was TSR. It makes me happy”, Deb said.

TSR was raised as an armed unit of Tripura Police in March, 1984 and currently has 12 battalions.

Tripura Police Week would be observed for the next 6 days. Deb appealed all police personnel to maintain clean police station, beat offices etc. and admitted shortcomings in required infrastructure, vehicles etc. These requirements would be met slowly, he said.

Source: The Indian Express

Featured image courtesy: Tripura Police


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