By Our Reporter
April 25, 2018
After the recent comments of the newly elected Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb in which he tried establish that Internet and Satellite was established during the Mahabharata era, he has been in the headlines of every esteemed daily and comments have been pouring in from every corner but might not in a way the Chief Minister would have wanted.
Veteran Congress leader and multiple time MLA of Banamalipur Constituency, Gopal Chandra Roy yesterday hit out at the Chief Minister by saying that, “The newly elected Chief Minister has neither studied History nor Geography. In fact he has studied no subject properly. When a person speaks he/she must have basic knowledge about the subject in which they are commenting”.
The Ex-MLA further added that “his claims about the internet is not only foolish and laughable but also suprising. Even the Prime Minister had to hit back at the foolish statement of the Chief Minister”.


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