TNT News | Agartala | May 12, 2019

CPI (M) in a press conference today claimed that despite the efforts of Election Commission as well as the Central Armed forces, there were instances of poll rigging across the 168 polling stations of West Tripura Lok Sabha seat which went for re polling today.


Though CPI (M) leadeeship party said they are partially happy with today’s polling as it was not as bad as it was on the previous polling for the same seat on 11 April last.


While speaking to the media CPI (M) state secretary Gautam Das said ” We cannot say that the re-polling for West Tripura Lok Sabha seat was held peacefully and fairly. BJP has yet again shown that they don’t believe in democracy. BJP has not learnt any lesson from the mass rigging which took place on April 11 last during the polling of West Tripura Lok Sabha seat by their goons and which brought a bad name to the state across India. Right from the day EC announced the date for re-polling, BJP goons started threatening voters particularly Left Front supporters so that they do not come out to vote. Last night we received several complaints and about which we immediately informed the EC officials. Today also, in many polling stations our polling agents wanted to be present in every polling station but in many polling stations our agents were not even allowed to enter. BJP goons have created havoc across different polling station areas today and threatened voters not to vote particularly those who come from minority community. Though the armed forces helped the voters to cast their votes safely in many areas, still around 10-15% voters couldn’t cast their votes which is clear from today’s voter turn out percentage. We also want to congratulate all the voters who despite of such environment of fear came out to cast their valuable vote”.

On the issue of their demand for repolling in the entire West Tripura Lok Sabha seat, Gautam Das said ” As you all know that our candidate for West Tripura Lok Sabha seat Sankar Prasad Dutta has filed a writ petition in the SC for re-polling in the entire West Tripura Lok Sabha seat as we have concrete evidence that almost 50% voters were not allowed to vote and there was mass rigging in the entire Lok Sabha constituency. So, we are still demanding re-polling in the entire West Tripura Lok Sabha seat except for the 168 polling stations which went for polling today. We are certain that we will get justice.”

CPI (M) has also demanded security of all the polling agents of opposition parties as they fear for the safety of them and their family members.


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