TNT News | October 08, 2018

A tender dated 30.06.2018 notice inviting quotation (NIQ) by the directorate of School Education , Govt of Tripura has been alleged as being corrupt in nature due to its preferential approach.


As per an e mail sent and addressed to the Chief Secretary of Tripura, Lalit Kumar Gupta, a copy of which is also in possession with TNT- The Northeast Today by one Abhijit Roy pointing out the anomalies in the mentioned tender, he observed that the tender stated that quotation should be submitted only through email and that there is no option for submitting a sealed quotation.

“As per my understating, anybody in the office with malicious intention can disclose the quotation of all the vendors to some preferred vendor. Then a corruption can take place”, he mentioned in his mail.

It has also been mentioned in the notice that quotations were invited only from “Apple Inc. authorized, reputed and resourceful corporate re sellers of Assam & West Bengal’.

Surprisingly no vendor from Tripura has been given a preference where the NIQ has been floated.

In view of this, Abhijit Roy stated that, “This clause clearly indicates an intention of undue preference to specific vendor. If the purchaser is willing to get materials from outside Tripura, he/she can’t be choosy for Assam and West Bengal only. This is a government tender, not a quotation floated by a private company. If this is a National tender, any reseller from other states can also participate.”

The complainant also made an observation that the NIQ specifically mentioned about the make and model number of the computer gadget. The Apple IPAD is a high value item. The required quantity (88 nos) is also a huge quantity. The quotation will be in millions of Rupees. Other companies are also manufacturing similar computer gadgets with better quality/performance. Why only Apple Ipad? This shows that the manufacturer had been finalized even before the NIQ was floated”.

Tripura Daily tried to reach Abhijit Roy but his phone was unreachable.

The actual tender notice can be found in this link-

More updates on this will follow soon.

DISCLAIMER- The above news item is an allegation made by the complainant Abhijit Roy and not the media house TNT- The Northeast Today


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