TNT News | April 29, 2018

AGARTALA: Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy had written a letter to Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb recommending for a BJP man to get job in the state.

The letter was written on March 14 and it was received on March 23 as per reports.

As per the contents of the letter, Roy had recommended for Sarvadaman Ray, a Bengal-based BJP leader with whom Roy was in touch since 1990. Tathagata Roy was then an active BJP leader before assuming the post of Governor of the state.

The letter suggested that Sarvadaman had served many private firms as a chartered accountant and now has shown interest in serving the state government by interacting with possible entrepreneurs and examining accounts as well.

Both OSD to Chief Minister and secretary to Governor claimed that they would not make any decision without checking documents.
CPM, however , said this kind of incident did not take place earlier.

Roy took to Twitter after the news became public through a pro-left newspaper.

Admitting the fact, Roy tweeted, ” Of course, I wrote the letter! It isn’t even confidential because it is a normal recommendation for a perfectly bona fide purpose. But, as I said, if you are feeling the way Columbus felt on discovering America, go ahead and make bigger fools of yourselves.”


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