By Or Reporter

May 14, 2018

The bad weather all over Northern India has caused huge destruction to life and property and for the past few days, many flights have also been cancelled and rescheduled for the same reason.

In a similar incident, passengers travelling to Kolkata in Indigo flight 6E 374 from Agartala yesterday evening had to suffer inconvenience as the flight got cancelled due to bad weather condition. The Indigo flight had over 150 passengers on board.

The flight took off in its scheduled time but due to bad weather conditions, it could not reach Kolkata due to bad weather condition and had to land back at Agartala airport. And after reaching back to Agartala airport passengers were informed about the cancellation of the flight.
Though Indigo had arranged an alternative 7:10 am flight for all the passengers who were supposed to be travelling in the cancelled flight. And, arrangements for night stay were also arranged for some passengers.


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