January 20, 2018

In a shocking incident, a youth allegedly raped a six-yr-old minor girl child in Tripura sending shock waves across the place of the crime on the day of Makar Sakranti celebration.

The youth has been sent to 12 days police custody by the Court at Kamalpur last evening. According to information received, the youth has been identified as Akshay Singh Bhumij from local Kaimaicharra area.

Akshay Singh Bhumji raped the minor on the evening of Makar Sankranti when she came out of her residence to join a community celebration of Makar Sankranti.

Her parents got to know about the hideous incident only the next morning. They knocked the door of local panchayat and waited for their action but their wait was lost in vain. Later the parents of the victim lodged a complaint with the local PS.


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