TNT Bureau | AGARTALA | November 21, 2018:

In yet another incident of political violence, CPI-M party office was once again attacked at Dukli block in Agartala today. The attack took place when the Sub- Divisional meeting of the party was underway. The BJP activist allegedly attacked the office, vandalized the vehicles of CPI(M) activists and ransacked the office premises, CPI(M) members said.

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The CPI-M supporters alleged that democracy has gone to the drains. There were also allegations that BJP activist also stone pelted the office.

“It is a daily affair now in the state. There is no rule of law. Actually BJP is now frightened as every day people of the sate are realizing that BJP has be fooled them with fake promises. Now there is no job in the state, there is no employment opportunity, prices of day to day commodities are at their peak, there is no pension. So, now the BJP wants to silence the opposition by their fear tactics so that no one can make them accountable for their promises. It is also very sad that many media houses both in the state as well as few national media organisations are being purchased by BJP so they don’t put across all these incidents”, said CPI(M) State Secretary Bijan Dhar.

However, BJP has denied all allegations by CPI(M).

“These are all publicity stunts by CPI(M) to be in the limelight as they have no constructive argument against the government. But if someone does something wrong then they will not be spared based on which party colour they are affiliated to”, said BJP spokesperson, Ashok Sinha.

Tripura Congress vice-president Tapas Dey has condemned the attack and said that the ruling regime wants to create a fear psychosis among the minds of the common people and these kinds of attacks are absolutely deplorable and unconstitutional.


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