AGARTALA, April 16, 2018: Creating job opportunities for over 7 lakh unemployed youth is the biggest challenge for BJP, the government has been making announcements that its primary focus is on job creation and allowing the unemployed individuals a free and fair opportunity to get a job.

In an initiative towards achieving its goal, the state govt along with textile mills of South India which are facing high rate of attrition are planning to conduct a job fair in Agartala on 25th and 26th April 2018 where the mills will recruit workers directly.

“About 60% of the workers working in these mills are migrants who stays at a unit for just 7-9 months and then returns back home. This almost affects 30% of the production.There is no process to verify the profile of the workers and the mills are unable to find out where there home is and weather they will return back to work or not. So, we have decided to recruit directly from job melas from different states”, said P. Nataraj, Chairman of Southern India Mills’.
He further added “this is on a trail basis and the candidates can join work immediately after selection. We will also train them for three months and then will give them their deserving work at the mills. We are planning to recruit around 4000 workers or may be more from the fair.”
Tripura govt. has assured the mills owner association absolute co-operation from their end. The initiative taken by the state  govt. is seen as a big step towards providing job opportunities to the rising unemployment graph of the state.
Tripura Daily
Featured image: BW Businessworld


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