AGARTALA, April 23, 2018: Three among the terminated JICA employees were caught by their colleagues when they were attempting to steal some files from the JICA office at Hatichara yesterday.

In an attempt to steal the documents, three among the terminated employees were caught red handed from the JICA office at Hatichara yesterday.

The three terminated employees were seen roaming inside the JICA office premises which generated doubts among the minds of other JICA employees who has been protesting for the renewal of their contractual jobs.

One of the JICA  employees who went inside the office premises caught them red handed as they were trying to loot few important files and documents related to the JICA project financed by the Japan government.
The accused’s were later handed over to the police.
 “We have arrested three accused personal and we will soon be interrogating them. After that we will be able to give any concrete answer”, said police personal.
Tripura Daily
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