TNT Desk | April 05, 2018

Over the Past month there has been a spotlight over the utterances of the Tripura Chief Minister.As a matter of fact there have been reports that the CM of Tripura was pulled up by no one less than the PM of India in one of the National Media. The CM has of course denied such speculation.

True some of his statements like on Internet,civil service examination and Diana Hayden has drawn sharp criticism there seems to be something which meets more than what meets the eye.

Biplab who’s entry to politics happened post 2015 is a relative new comer in the political arena of Tripura politics .In a Government which he nows presides he has MLA’s who became ministers before the Biplab was even eligible to vote .This has to make these Mla’s churn inside how a political green horn has preceeded them.

The non left government has a history of instability in Tripura with frequent changes in the CM’s in the 70’s. Similarly Samir Barman did the same when he ousted a popularly elected Chief Minister in Sudhir Mazumdar in 1992 with the help of a few Congress MLA’s and the TUJS under Shyama Charan Tripura.That change in leadership virtually destroyed the Congress in Tripura.

Incidentally the current Health Minister Sudip Roy is the son of Samir Barman and many in the BJP view him as a contender for the post of the Chief Minister of Tripura. His loyalty to the saffron party is somewhat seen as a suspect hence the top central Leadership of the BJP is wary of his elevation.

Over the past fortnight there have been murmurs that Biplab Deb’s utterances have fuelled speculation that his ouster is imminent after the Karnataka polls in sections of media . Now what emerges from credible sources is that there has been an attempt by sections of media and group of vested interests that there has been an attempt  to destabilise the Government for their own logical benefits .

True many of the statements by Biplab deb have been uncalled for but the real motivation to highlight even things he did not say is a well thought attempt to caricature the image of the Chief Minister. To an extent they have been successful in their effort.In the social media many of these stories have surprisingly been shared by individuals who are BJP supporters but not that of the Chief Minister.This is one fact which cannot be overlooked as both the Congress and the CPIM have been largely subdued in the Social media post the election debacle.

The Chief Minister for his part needs to be aware of an sustainedcampaign against him is being done at the behest of his colleagues who harbour their own personal ambition and concentrate in getting hold of his bureaucracy . Also he needs to ensure promises like the 7th pay commission ,jobs for teachers and the MNREGA promise of RS 343 promised in the BJP vision document before the election is kept .

His handling of the IPFT , the Tribal ally of the BJP is also important .It maybe again stated that in 1992 Samir Barman dislodged the then CM Sudhir Mazumdar after TUJS threatened to withdraw support to the Congress Government unless there was a change in the leadership.

Today of course the BJP has its own majority but there are murmurs that within the Government a certain lobby within the BJP has almost 14 MLA’s who are keen on portraying someone else as a Chief Minister.

Finally the central BJP leadership needs to realise that in Biplab Deb they have a loyal party man .He joined the saffron brigade when the BJP was in tatters in Tripura.Most of the BJP Mla’s and Cabinet colleagues barring Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Varma have been at some time Congress MLA’s and leaders.

In the Northeast if there is a change in leadership in Delhi most states gravitate to the power who is at helm in the Centre. With BJP in Biplab Deb they may have a green horn but a loyal Party-man as a Chief Minister,any move to unseat him will be playing with a group of people who will jump ship the moment their mother Party Congress shows sign of coming back to power in Delhi.

True Biplab needs to attend less public meetings and work more but the same also applies to those MLA’s and ministers as well who will need to work more and Conspire less against their own Government.



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