Agartala, May 16, 2019

The first wave of pre-monsoon shower has thrown life out of gear in Tripura, especially in the Southern and Western part of the state.


According to reports, a thunderstorm that occurred on Wednesday evening uprooted several trees in front of the main gate of A.D Nagar Police line, in the road at College Tilla and other places.


An official from the local Meteorological Department informed that gusty winds at 56 Km per hour speed blew over Tripura on Wednesday night, accompanied by thunderstorm, which is typical to this part of the year. These seasonal storms or Norwesters are locally called as ‘Kaalboishakhi’.

Reports suggest 382 houses were damaged, which include 40 fully damaged dwelling houses in West Tripura district.

The concerned department has informed that trees were removed from the roads and power has also been restored at all the places other than at College Tilla. Pumps have also been put into use to vlear the water from roads.

Earlier in May 04, Tripura sounded alert along with several other states for cyclonic storm ‘Fani’. Though the cyclonic storm didn’t do much damage, Tripura sustained massive damage last year due to heavy downpour and thunderstorm last year as over 40 thousand people were forced to take shelter in relief camps due to floods.

With inputs from Indian Express


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