By our Reporter | July 24, 2018

Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy inaugurated an ‘Outreach cum Buyers Seller Meet’ under the scheme of ‘Mission Organic Value Development for North Eastern Region’ at Pragya Bhavan. The Minister said that with positive and proper marketing strategy within two months of the new government, we have successfully marketed and exported Queen and Kew varieties of pineapples type of organic fruits in international markets like Dubai and Bahrain.

The Minister also that though Tripura is still lagging behind in the production in organic fruits and vegetables as compared to other Northeastern counterparts, specially,  Tripura is showing good progress in the organic sector.

“Along with the entire country, our state government is also initiating organic food culture and Tripura is also part of the mission. It has also been seen that highest agricultural producing state like Punjab, Haryana are using high quantity of fertilizers which results in higher production but is also spreading dangerous diseases like cancer ” said the Minister.


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