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Agartala | March 25, 2018

“Gender equality, women empowerment” these are words which we must have heard a zillion times but the recent shameful incident of two women being beaten in broad daylight in Bishalgarh market at Agartala have initiated country-wide condemnations.

Two sisters Titu Sarkar and Mithu Sarkar, residents of Agartala had come to their paternal home which is in Bishalgarh. They went to Swapan Saha’s shops at Bishalgarh market on Friday to buy paan. During this time, Swapan Saha tried to misbehave with Mithu Sarkar following which the ladies protested after which the shopkeeper with his goon friends attacked the ladies. The police who were in the market rescued the ladies and took the others to the Police Station.

“The women went to Tapan Saha’s shop to buy pan but when Tapan Saha was giving pan to Mithu Sarkar he tried to misbehave and hold one of the sister’s hand and then she slapped him, which is natural but how can someone assault two women in broad day light in the middle of a market? We are demanding severe punishment for the accused and his friends who assaulted the ladies”, said Manika Datta Roy, Chief of Tripura Women’s Commision.

“The main accused, Tapan Saha has been  arrested and will be produced in the court on Monday and others those who are involved will also be booked soon”, the police said.

Featured image:Women Crying. reuters/representational image


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