Agartala | February 07, 2019

As the unrest in Northeast Indian states continues to create ripples over the entire region pertaining to the Citizenship Amendment Bill, Tripura in its own unique manner is opposing the Bill using the creative path.

On February 7, various musicians and artists came together at Agartala to voice their resentment against the Bill.

With the motto “Unity in Diversity”, the Indigeneous Food Fest and Cultural Eve is being hosted at Pragati School Field in Agartala today from 5 pm onwards.

It is interesting to note how even after charges of sedition were filed by Tripura Police on protestors of CAB and the the unprovoked open firing, young and old alike in the state have now resorted to a more peaceful yet creative manner of protest to draw more crowd and make their stance clear on the issue.

Tripura’s popular folk band Koloma along with Sichajak Dance Group, Decipher and DJ Xero Blaze among others are performing at the event.

The Royal Scion of Tripura who has been very vocal about his stance on the issue of CAB has also urged people to participate in the fest and show their solidarity towards the cause.


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